Mount Olive Township Council Minutes
November 27, 2001

Regular Meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council was called to order at 7:30pm by Council President Rattner with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

According to the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this Meeting has been given to the Mt. Olive Chronicle and the Morristown Daily Record. Notice has been posted at in the Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Mt. Olive, New Jersey, and notices were sent to those requesting the same.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mr. Heymann, Mr. Guenther, Mr. Sohl,
Mrs. Miller, Mr. Spino, Mr. Scapicchio,
President Rattner.

President Rattner: I would also like to acknowledge other Township Officials that are with us tonight, the Mayor, Paul Licitra; the Business Administrator, Sandy Kaplan; the Township Attorney, John Dorsey; and Township Clerk, Lisa Lashway.


November 20, 2001 CS Present: Mr. Rattner, Mr. Scapicchio, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Guenther
Absent from Executive Session but present at rest of meeting: Mr. Heymann, Mr. Sohl
Absent: Mr. Spino

Mr. Scapicchio moved for approval of the minutes and Mrs. Miller seconded that motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously with the exception of Mr. Spino who abstained.


Ord. #28-2001 An Ordinance of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing the Acquisition of Charters Farm and Appropriating the Sum of $900,000 Therefor.

Mr. Guenther moved for Ordinance #28-2001 be introduced by Title and Passed on First Reading and that a meeting be held on December 18, 2001 and Mr. Spino seconded that motion.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously.

Mr. Dorsey: Just so you know. I did the proposed contract for our purchase of Charters Farm. I spoke to the assistant County Counsel; Randy Bush. He tells me that the understanding that we were given namely the County would come up with one half the purchase price is correct. That they would pay one half of the closing costs is correct. That is there is a sale of the property as anticipated they would share one half of the proceeds and the property would be subject to the Farmland Preservation Conservation easement. They even drew this memorandum of understanding have sent both the memorandum of understanding between the Township because the Township will be the only person on the deed to Bush for his review and the contract with Charters. I am now waiting for him to respond because once he says the contract is in satisfactory form I could send it on to Charters Attorney having advised them that we were in the process of doing this. So I did not want to let the open space girls down.

President Rattner: On to Resolutions now. The Resolution authorizing the contract has been removed from the original agenda, because we have to wait until the Ordinance is approved. Also on the amended agenda, you heard the Mayor a few minutes ago request Resolution No. 4 be taken off until after he has his meeting with all the parties involved with the Turkey Brook Project. So that will probably be looked at next week.


Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Authorizing a Contract for the Purchase of a Tract of Land Known as Charters Farm Encompassing Block 900, Lot 1; Block 8300, Lots 3 & 4 in the Township of Mount Olive for a Purchase Price of $900,000.00 - off - adopt on Dec 18th when Ordinance #28-01 is adopted

1. Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Mount Olive Retaining the Services of D2L Associates, Inc. in Connection with the Township's Water and Sewer Systems.

Mr. Sohl moved for adoption of Resolution No. 1 and Mr. Guenther seconded that motion.

President Rattner: Any discussion? Anybody from the Public?

Richard Bonte, Budd Lake, NJ: I am still confused about this contract. Wasn't one of the requirements for abolishing the Water & Sewer Department Supervisory Position or a Department Head I guess; creating a DPW, is that we were going to bring on board a person that would have all of the qualifications necessary to perform the job including the proper licenses to operate the water and sewer treatment plants?

Mayor Licitra: My memory is not the greatest. I don't remember that requirement at all.

Mr. Guenther: The way I understand it. This is being necessitated by the fact that Mr. Velco left and that there's a hole to plug temporarily. Am I correct Mark? This is not a permanent solution that you are either through promotion by training the proper individuals getting their proper licenses going to be bringing somebody into that position that was left to fill that slot. Strictly temporary.

Mr. Bonte: But that does not answer my question. I was under the impression, one of the requirements for the position of Department Head of the DPW was that the individual would possess the necessary educational background and licenses to be able to perform the job. That's what I thought was one of the reasons why we combined these positions and created this new position.

Mr. Sohl: I don't think we expected every license that is conceivably needed there. That would be a pretty extensive set of licenses.

Mr. Spino: I honestly don't remember that. I don't think in my recollection of that when we discussed that, that it was we said the person that was hired was going to have licenses. You might be right, but I don't remember. The only way we are going to find out is if we have that written down somewhere. But I don't remember that. I know we were looking for someone with experience in certain areas, but I don't remember saying that the person had to have licenses.

Mark DiGennaro: I responded to the advertisement in the newspaper that was published by the Board and it was for a Certified Public Works Manager Certificate, which is the requirement for licensing at the level of the Director of the Department of Public Works and that was the extent of it.

President Rattner: I don't remember the exact on the Public Works Director. Although I do remember when the Mayor advised us that he was not going to reappoint Mr. Rakowski which he had full support of, from this Board and that it had somebody, at the time it was Mr. Velko. I believe at the time Mr. Velko got a promotion because he was going to be named and he had the proper licenses to be the operator of record. So he was going to be the person whose license at that time was going to be used. I do remember that part. As far as something else. I remember a lot of things about interviewing the Public Works Director, but I don't remember specific licenses that were discussed. We were told that Mr. Velko was going to be the Licensed Operator of Record.

Mr. Bonte: Is D2L Associates presently on Board performing work for us now?

Mr. DiGennaro: I had them on Board in reviewing our reports as they have been going on. Yes.

Mr. Bonte: Was there authorization from the Council to do that?

Mr. DiGennaro: If I don't get approval by the Council, then I spent one month worth of services for a professional service on a gap measure.

Mr. Bonte: How did we spend that money if we did not have authorization from the Council to do that?

Mr. DiGennaro: I don't necessarily think I need to get authorization from the Council to spend money up to $17,500. That is the Bid Limit.

Mr. Dorsey: Lets not confuse that. The Bid limit is $17,500. Under $17,500 you don't have to take formal bids. But that is not the issue here. The issue is that the Township Council adopted a Budget. I assume that there are various line items within that Budget providing for the operation of the Water and the Sewer Systems. The adoption of that Budget essentially authorizes the expenditure of those sums for those purposes. So if you spend one month which is $1900, you are still within the law because it is only after you reach $2500 that the Council must approve each voucher. Some things have to be done on a temporary basis because you have to have someone whose certification DEP will accept.

Mr. Bonte: They have only been on for a month.

Mr. DiGennaro: Three weeks.

Mr. Bonte: How long have we known that this problem was going to come about?

Mr. DiGennaro: It shouldn't have come about. How long did we know about it?

Mr. Bonte: Well I understand that an employee can resign and leave or whatever. How long have we had knowledge that this situation was going to exist; that we would need an outside firm to do this?

Mr. DiGennaro: October 10.

Mr. Bonte: Thank you.

President Rattner: Anybody else from the Public?

Ray Perkins, Budd Lake, NJ: I just wanted to add a couple comments to the Council on the agreement that our DPW director is entering into. I think most of you know, I do hold a W3 and a T2 License for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. I am quasi familiar and they more than meet the requirements, except I don't go into the stinky side of the water. I stay on the clean side. Mr. DiGennaro and I have spoken, I am confident that he has taken the appropriate steps by looking for an outside firm. Reports are due on the tenth of the month immediately following the month that the records were taken. I would strongly suggest that the Council support this. Thank you.

President Rattner: Anybody else from the Public? Close the Public Portion.

Mr. Scapicchio: I would propose that we table this. Not because I don't think we need someone on board, but I am not satisfied that we have received a sufficient number of quotes to make the proper choice. I would suggest that we obtain at least one or possibly two other quotes before we move forward on this Resolution.

Mr. Sohl: I understand your concern Dave. The $1900 even when you divide it on a straight hourly basis for the six hours per week works out to be about $80.00 an hour. Actually this is very reasonable in the contracting arena for a scope of services type of activities I don' t think you are going to do very much better than that. I think there is an immediate need here that has to be met. Might you find somebody else that comes in $1800 or $1700. It's possible.

Mayor Licitra: I think at this point we have done our due diligence and we have somebody coming to the table at this point. I just think you are running into a problem at that point on the requirements that the DEP set down. I heard most of this the last week. Regarding what Mark was just saying about the time frame. As long as you due diligence and it is an unbroken chain of events of some sort. Again, I would recommend that we go with this, because if not, I don't know if we could stand a test.

Mr. Guenther: This is open ended though.

Mr. Sohl: No it's not. Six months.

Mr. Guenther: I'm sorry, I don't understand. Where does it say that?

Mr. Sohl: In the agreement itself. I did not look at the Resolution I was looking at the…

Mr. Guenther: I am looking at the Resolution. It doesn't say… That is the only problem I have with it. I would like to see what Mr. DiGennaro said about promoting people from within in up to that level to see that be part of it. In other words this is strictly a stop gap measure to handle a temporary situation and not let these things go dragging on. We have had this situation in other cases where all of the sudden we keeping meeting the consultant month after month after month.

Mr. DiGennaro: If I may you look on Page two of the November 21, 2001 letter. First paragraph. It is for a period of six months. They originally wanted a year and I was not satisfied with that because I wanted to be able to scale it down in the event that our staff is licensed before then. And also evaluate them. Secondly Mr. Scapicchio, this is a Professional Services Contract. I do not believe I am required to get the bids.

Mr. Scapicchio: It does not matter whether you are required or not. I know the law. That is not the point. I think it is a responsible way to conduct business. I would like to see if the Council is inclined to move on this Resolution as proposed I would like to see a time limit. The other question I have is there is a list of additional charges and fee schedules. Do we know what anticipated Professional Services we are going to Mr. Scapicchio (cont'd): utilize of this firm above and beyond the $1900 that's included in this Resolution?

Mr. DiGennaro: I am not really certain that we should be discussing this at this point. I would like to discuss this in my office. We could discuss this and the whole restructuring of the Water Department is what my plan is. To answer Mr. Guenther's question. Yes. To stop gap to cover the bridge and to give people qualified training so they can better themselves and get their licenses and their licenses and keep them here in the Township. I have a plan and I would be willing to share that with you overall. I have an open door policy. I would encourage you guys to come down and talk to me.

Mr. Scapicchio: Well if there is a plan. I would like to see that plan, hear that plan and talk about that plan. I am not quite sure that the appropriate place to do that and correct me if I am wrong is in your office. You propose this Resolution in a Public Meeting and if there is additional reasons as to why we should move on this, lets talk about it now.

Mr. Heymann: I don't think we could talk about any plan because it is going to involve personnel. I don't think we could do that today.

Mayor Licitra: Steve would you jump in please. I had this discussion with you.

President Rattner: Mayor, you wanted to say something, you had your hand up.

Mayor Licitra: Again. I am not going to discuss Mark's Personnel issues in Public. I did ask the Council President to put a Committee together of three. I think you have to again understand what Mark is doing in his department and the changes in his department and why he is going forward. I think after you get educated in that, you will probably be more attune to saying that Mark is doing a great job as most of us know.

President Rattner: Mayor, I think two different issues came up. What Mr. Scapicchio is talking about is the Resolution. I was ready to support it until I heard that there may be other things. I am not sure how much I am going to spend. I am not sure if I am willing to pass a Resolution that is completely open ended. That was the issue that I just heard.

Mr. DiGennaro: I feel comfortable enough to answer that question. This is a standard proposal that they put out to any one of their projected clients. If they were to incur the full responsibility of the daily operations and maintenance of all the facilities, they would certainly have to take samples and send the sample out to their laboratories or their own in house laboratories. We have been running the plant for the past 15, 20 years down there with our staff. Even with the current supervisor that is no longer with us, he was supported by the staff that we currently have. Both sampling, reporting, testing and inspections and repairs. So everything is going to run they way it has always run with the exception that the oversight for the report and the compliance issue is going to be overseen by this outfit. Our labs are all paid by us. All the samples are collected by us. All the testing is done by us. That is not going to change. Unless of course there may be a sudden need for a special test that it is convenient to go and let them do it. I don't foresee that. So that schedule of fees is a typical adjunct to the contract.

President Rattner: Before we go any further. Vice President Scapicchio actually put a motion to table this. Is there anybody who wants to second that? Then we could move on from there.

Mr. Spino: I have a question on what is fair? Everyone was able to speak. I had my hand up before you started to speak and now I can't speak.

President Rattner: Is there a second for Mr. Scapicchio's tabling?

Mr. Spino: I was going to, but now I am not.

Mr. Guenther: I would like to propose an alternative.

President Rattner: First we have finish this and then we could get back into regular discussion. Mr. Sohl, is that a second?

Mr. Sohl: No.

Mr. Spino: I think we should have had other quotes and I agree with David on that, from other firms. I would like to see that this is for six months. I have no problem with that and I am glad there is at least a plan in the thought process, if not completed on a chart somewhere. However, at the end of that six month period we have both either or other vendors to choose from, or to have submitted for proposals and the plan; on what the department is going to be doing or how it is going to take shape in the future. If I get that, then I have no problem.

Mr. Guenther: I would like to propose an amendment to this. I went through what I think is their proposal, they are referring to a page 13 on the rate set forth. There is no page 13. It is not properly numbered. So if you are going to refer back to the document to use, it is not even properly referenced . Also I would like to add that the $1900 per month for a limit of six months, and then in some from of wording at the end of that six months we will be reviewing a permanent staffing change to the department that will proclude the need for further use of a consultant.

Mr. Sohl: I think Bernie is going in the right direction. I also have been noticing that the way the second paragraph of the resolution last line reads. $1900 a month for set services or hourly rates. Actually, we are going to pay $1900 a month no matter what. So it should read $1900 a month for set services and an hourly rate for additional services as set forth on page 13. I think that needs a cap.

Mr. DiGennaro: Are you reading from the Resolution?

Mr. Sohl: Yes.

Mr. DiGennaro: I did not write the Resolution.

Mr. Sohl: I understand that. Although we have to deal with the Resolution. Don't take offense.

Mr. DiGennaro: I am not. I am just confused.

Mr. Sohl: I think there is a criticality here. No town in this State is dealt equability by the DEP. We get ourselves in deep trouble that will far exceed $1900 a month if something falls in the crack. So that is my override and concern. DEP fines you $10,000 at the drop of a hat.

Mr. Dorsey: That is correct.

President Rattner: That is what I was going to say. If you sign your name on the wrong line, they are going to fine you. So we know we need it. I don't think there is any discussion. If we are worried about that, why don't we just put on here that capping at that. Right now this Resolution covers up $1900 a month, if they have the plan and everything else we could go on. But at least he could get the basic stuff and get the reports done at this point. Then he has a little bit of time, he could come back either with the committee or something else. We have to go with somebody to sign these reports.

Mr. Scapicchio: If we are going to cap it why don't we cap it at a total dollar amount rather than a fixed $1900. If we are going to give him six months, lets multiply the 19x6 and make that part of the Resolution.

President Rattner: But that would allow him to spend it in one month.

Mr. Dorsey: You don't want to do that.

Mr. Scapicchio: Why would you spend it in a month?

President Rattner: Well with the hourly things that are attached.

Mr. Scapicchio: What other services do you anticipate to get done?

President Rattner: Lets do that separately. Lets just go $1900 a month for six months.

Mr. Dorsey: Okay. The last line of the second paragraph now says $1900 per month for a set of services for a period not to exceed six months.

President Rattner: Then if he has a different proposal for something else you have time to put that proposal together.

Mr. Scapicchio: I would also make the suggestion to the Administration that if we find the services are Mr. needed that we try to get some additional quotes from other venders for the six-month period. Otherwise we will be back in the same place.

Mr. Dorsey: We are going to amend the last line of the second paragraph. It will read $1900 per month for a set of services for a period of six months.

Mr. Guenther: That's what we are voting on?

Mr. Dorsey: We are voting on the Resolution as amended with the phrase I just read.

Mr. Guenther: All right. I just want to know what I am voting on.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously

Mr. Guenther: One more comment. I still, even though it was not put in here, I want to make it very clear, and it is for the record, and everybody here, within in the six-month period I expect to have an executive session if they would. Specifically a plan as to what the succession will be with a permanent solution to this rather then using a consultant.

President Rattner: The Mayor has asked that a personnel committee be put together with some members from the Council. Do we have some volunteers? Mr. Guenther. Anybody else? Mr. Spino. If it continues over to January the new Council President could always add another person on. Mayor you have Mr. Guenther and Mr. Spino. Okay. Next item we have on the agenda.

2. A Resolution to Reject the Bids for the Turkey Brook Park Site Development Package.

Mrs. Miller moved the Adoption of Resolution No. 2 and Mr. Sohl seconded the motion.

President Rattner: Would anybody from the Public like to discuss this Resolution? Close the Public Session. Any discussion?

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously
3. A Resolution to Reject the Bid for the Turkey Brook Building Package.
Mr. Spino moved for Adoption of Resolution No. 3 and Mr. Guenther seconded the motion.

President Rattner: Would anybody from the Public like to address this Resolution? Seeing none I will close the Public Session. Any Council discussion?

Roll Call: Passed Unanimously.

President Rattner: Okay, as we said No. 4 has been removed. We have a motion. Mr. Guenther.


1. Approval of Voucher for $204,482.88 Voller's Construction for Turkey Brook Park.

Mr. Guenther moved for approval of the motion and Mr. Scapicchio seconded that motion.

President Rattner: Any discussion?

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously.

Mr. Dorsey: Mr. Sohl. Did you want a Resolution on McDowell?

Mr. Sohl: Yes

Mr. Dorsey: Whereas, the McDowells who own a residence located on Waterloo Valley Road have requested for a long period of time the ability to connect to the Township's Wastewater System and ultimately to the MSA Treatment Facility.

Whereas, this matter has been reviewed by the Township Engineer who has determined that the property owned by the McDowell's is located within the MSA service area but that the Wasterwater Management plan adopted by the MSA does not provide for that area in which the McDowell property is located to be serviced by sanitary sewers; and…

Whereas, he has further advised the Township this evening that there is an abbreviated method by which the McDowelll's can achieve a connection to the MSA system which does not require an amendment to the Wastewater Management Plan adopted by the MSA and is treated as an exception because the flow from that facility will be less then 6,000 gallons per day; and

Mr. Dorsey (cont'd): Whereas these matters are essentially within the domain and jurisdiction of the MSA and the MSA has taken the Position that it does not deal with private parties but only with Municipalities, which comprise it's system.

Now, therefore be it resolved the Township Council Township of Mount Olive that it hereby requests the MSA to take all appropriate action so that the McDowell property located on Waterloo Valley Road may be connected to the Sanitary Sewer System for which the MSA provides treatment facilities; and

Be it Further Resolved that the Mayor is requested to direct a letter to the MSA requesting specifically that they take all necessary steps so that the McDowell Property can be treated as a property to be serviced by sanitary sewer, treated by the MSA as quickly as possible.

Mr. Sohl moved for the approval of this Resolution and Mr. Guenther seconded the motion.

President Rattner: Any discussion? Anybody from the Public like to address this Resolution? Seeing none, close the Public Session.

ROLL CALL: Passed Unanimously.

President Rattner: Also Mark, check with Gene Buczynski first thing in the morning and have him call over and find out what he needs. If there is any problem at all give me a call. I will be in my office and we will find out whatever we have to do to get this thing moving. Gene made a statement that he thought that he sent a memo maybe last summer or something or copied him on something that is Gene is going to put together what is needed to modify the Wastewater Management Plan. If there is any problem with the MSA because they have been waiting and they are at the end of their time line that they have. So if there is any problems, give me a call.


Library Board Liaison Report

Mr. Sohl: Well, there was a meeting. It went fairly routine. Again they are very happy with the apparent activity at the State level which is looking like almost a full $1,000,000 grant towards the construction of the new Library.

Recreation Report

Mr. Heymann: There will be a Turkey Brook meeting this Friday at 11:00 am with Turkey Brook Representatives from Olympus, myself and a lot of other people.

Board of Health Report

Mr. Scapicchio: No report.

Planning Board Report

Mr. Spino: No report.

Open Space Committee Report

Mrs. Miller: They meet soon. The second Monday of the Month.

Legislative Committee Report

Mr. Guenther: None at this time.

Master Plan Report

Mr. Scapicchio: No report

Pride Committee Report

Mr. Guenther: Just Briefly we keep working on the welcome signs and approaching the businesses to sponsor those, and the exit signs and some suggestions have been asked for from the members of the Mr. Guenther (cont'd): committee as to what those should say. Plans are going ahead with locations of banner placements in Flanders and two Welcome Banners to Budd Lake. So things are moving ahead.

Public Portion

Colleen Labow: I just have a question. In the Daily Record this past week on Friday the 23rd, there was an article about the insurance bill. Did you see that Mr. Rattner?

Mr. Rattner: You mean in general about the Towns getting hit with insurance increases?

Colleen Labow: Well in the insurance bill they had it listed what each Town pays. I was wondering why our town pays $470,000 a year. We pay more than anybody.

Mr. Heymann: It goes by the size of the Community, residents. It is figured out into a homogenous pool of what goes on. It does not really have much to do with litigation.

Mrs. Labow: How many Towns are included in this insurance pool?

Mr. Dorsey: There are 33 Municipalities currently in the Morris Joint Insurance Fund. There are 304 Municipalities in the Municipal Excess Joint Liability Insurance Fund. 60 utility authorities and 45 housing authorities. There are about 200 Municipalities in the Environmental Joint Insurance Fund.

Mrs. Labow: If more towns join, does that reduce the premium depending on what their liabilities are?

Mr. Dorsey: If more towns join, it simply becomes a larger critical mass. It would not cause there to be an increase in premiums, but creates a greater stability in terms of ….You can't have many more than 304 towns. There are only 532. The Joint Insurance Fund has simply become the way to do business in the State.

Mrs. Labow: That is sort of like a category of shared services with other Towns. Do we do anything else in our Town, as far as between departments?

Mayor Licitra: Are you talking about shared services?

Colleen Labow: Well shared services, and also for instance paper supplies and office supplies and things like that. Does each department have their own Budget or do you buy in bulk?

Mayor Licitra: We buy from a cooperative. Most of it is purchased from the Morris Cooperative. We share services with the School Administration. We are starting to share some services with the towns around us. We are looking into one major project right now. About eight towns around us that we have a need for and maybe two or three other towns do. So yes. We have a committee set up. We have funding for it. We do it both locally and within sixteen towns around us. In fact, Mr. Spino was on the shared services committee.

Colleen Labow: That was my next question because that helps to reduce all of our costs and spending hopefully?

Mayor Licitra: You will find that the School Administration is not as willing to jump in to the atmosphere of sharing. They have to be led kicking and screaming but hopefully their constituents will see the light eventually.

Colleen Labow: Wouldn't it benefit all of us if we were all together on it?

Mayor Licitra: You have to understand that some people have their fiefdoms and don't want you to get involved. I find it easier to share services within Municipal Government because we have less fiefdoms
than the School Administration.

Colleen Labow: What do you mean by fiefdoms?

Mayor Licitra: Their own way of doing business for years and years and never changing the way they do it.

President Rattner: Mrs. Labow, lets not have a private discussion. Ask the questions and we will try to give you the best answer we can.

Colleen Labow: That is my question for tonight. Thank you.

President Rattner: Mr. Bonte

Richard Bonte, Budd Lake, NJ: I would like to ask a couple questions now regarding the rejection of the bids for Turkey Brook of the site development and the building package. How did this happen. Did we not hire a company to prepare these packages for us? Is there no comment from anybody?

Mr. Heymann: I don't want to go too much into it. I can tell you some things that happened Rich. Apparently there was a mis-communication between North Carolina and here with regard to unit price and how they were going to put the project out for bid. They thought that for example the removal of soil would be one bulk price that would be taken away. That is what they are more used to doing on a project of this magnitude. Apparently all the bids came in with unit price bids meaning piece meal, and how much it would cost to keep each one away. There were only three bids out of 24 packages picked up. Only three people put bids in. So as you know the bids came in several million dollars over the $5.7 that was allocated taken into consideration that we have already paid several million dollars to Voller's for previously bid work there.

Mr. Bonte: Here is what I don't understand Ron, and to the rest of you. I don't know exactly how much money we have paid Olympus. Does anybody know how much money we paid Olympus?

Mr. Heymann: I am thinking close to$500,000.

Mr. Bonte: I was at many of the meetings when Olympus was in here and weren't they supposedly the best in this business?

Mr. Dorsey: They did hype themselves well.

Mr. Heymann: Honestly Rich. That is part of what is going on this Friday at 11:00. We are having the representatives of Olympus come up here. Obviously you can tell that we are not happy by the fact that we are not going to get those fields for the playing season in 2002.

Mr. Bonte: But how much have we paid them to date?

Mr. Heymann: About $500,000.

Mr. Bonte: We have paid $500,000 to date. They supposedly have this wonderful reputation. They know how to do this work. I don't understand how they put together a package. Whether it is unit pricing, lump sum, or a turnkey operation. They are supposed to know their business. If they don't know the way North- west New Jersey operates, they should of never come in here. We should of never hired them. I don't understand how something like this happened. I guess what I would like to find out is what are we going to about it? Are we going to go after these people to get some of this money back because they misrepresented themselves to this Township? That they couldn't do the job.

Mr. Heymann: I don't want to answer that until we are done with our meeting on Friday. It would really be improper for us now to say would we of had discussions about this. Each Council Person, some have different views. We don't disagree with what you are saying. It is not appropriate for us to comment on it. But we are not happy. That is why there is a fairly a significant meeting here. We required them to be here It is at 11:00 on Friday. It has been scheduled for about three weeks at this point in time. We are looking for some other information. We just can't put our hands on it, regarding representations that Dave and I think they made here at either a workshop or a Public Meeting about work that they were going to do and who was going to handle that work. Obviously we are not happy about it. I don't want to say anything more. I really can't at this time.

Richard Bonte: I think that at some point in the very near future the residents of this Township deserve an accounting by their Government as to the fact that 500,000 was spent for a firm to basically get us to the point where we would be able to award contracts very close to the numbers that they projected. If they can't do that they are not worth anything. We need to go after them. They misrepresented themselves to the residents of this Township, to the Sports Clubs and to this Council and this Administration. It is basically fraud. They came in here. They promised something that they obviously can't come close to delivering. There is something wrong with that if you are a good company. That is all I want to say right now.

President Rattner: Anybody else like to address the Council? Close the Public Portion, go to final Council Comments.

Mr. Guenther: A couple weeks ago, if anybody wanted to see what truly this Country is made of and what I think has to give everybody faith in this Country and in this future. They should have been at a competition down at the High School of the Robotics Club. It was a regional competition with teams from all over
Mr. Guenther (cont'd): Pennsylvania, some from New York and some from New Jersey. The enthusiasm that the kids showed was just tremendous. It gives me tremendous faith in the future of this Country and the Youth. That is why this I think this Country is great. It means a lot more than waving a bunch of flags and worrying about what is printed on the Billboard coming into Mount Olive. I have more faith than the users do and what the future of this Country is. I will have to congratulate the Mount Olive Chronicle on it's great coverage of that particular event, which is non-existent. They sent there reporter their but did not choose to publish anything about it. I think it is something that created pride in Mount Olive and is a positive for the youth of the Town and should be reported on in the paper.

Mr. Sohl: No comments. Thank you.

Mrs. Miller: No comments.

Mr. Spino: I have none. Thank you.

Mr. Scapicchio: I have none.

President Rattner: We got a copy of a letter from the State telling us that they did not like the application that we made for the traffic light at Connelly Ave. The Mayor said that he is doing a full core press. Which is good. On there it said if you have any questions, call somebody so I decided to try calling that person. It is amazing. You call at six in the Morning and they say he does not get in till 10:00. You call at 2:00 in the afternoon they say he comes in at 6:00 and leaves early. Frederick E. Wilkinson, so if anybody ever sees him. I was just there because I just wanted to know whether they looked at what the rest of what the DOT was looking at over the last couple of years. Looking at the construction, I want to know about the 34,000 vehicle trips that are going to be added to our two highways for AIG/Baker. In fact, it was in their wisdom that they funded a four-lane connector road and expanding 46 at one point just two miles away to eight lanes. What were they thinking of that we don't have traffic counts on there? So hopefully if there is enough pressure, the only thing we could hopefully do, we do it quickly because what I have gotten from different people I know and people who work in Trenton is they expect come January 1, all cash for any funding is going to stop. They are looking at going into an economic recession or something.

Mayor Licitra: Even in their letter, it almost says, "well you have not had enough deaths yet. Come back when you have more debts."

Mr. Rattner: Well that is exactly what they said. They actually said that, and something about the accidents. But that is why I decided to call because maybe if there are other Bureaucrats, and they don't like getting comments and nasty telephone calls, maybe they will just do something if they get enough calls and they want it to stop. I appreciate what you're doing I just want to say I tried calling some name that was on there, and he was never there. If there is nothing else, move for adjournment.

Motion made for adjournment. All in favor, none Opposed. The Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM.

David Scapicchio
Council President

I, LISA M LASHWAY, Township Clerk of the Township of Mount Olive do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes is a true and correct copy of the Minutes approved at a legally convened meeting of the Mount Olive Township Council duly held on January 15, 2002

Lisa M. Lashway
Mount Olive Township Clerk




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