Council Workshop Meeting





Discussion: (2)

  • Municipal Owned Property Sale Request (190 Tinc Road)– see attached memo
  • Shared Services (Mt. Arlington and Netcong) – see attached memo

Resolutions: (14)

  • Authorizing the use of various purchasing contracts for 2017 (CDW Government LLC)

Resolution authorizing the purchase of various computer hardware and software technology off of a NJ state contract.

  • Authorizing the cancellation of a grant balance

Accounting mechanism canceling a balance of $65.02 for a Drive Sober grant that cannot be utilized.

  • Opposing Legislative proposals regarding the Open Public Meetings Act and Open Public Records Act

Resolution discussed at the last meeting opposing new OPMA/OPRA legislature that would have a financial burden on municipalities and urges the Legislature to draft new legislation to modernize the acts. New Jersey Clerks Association and League of Municipalities supports this action.  

  • Authorizing the renewal of alcoholic beverage licenses for the 2017-2018 licensing period

Resolution renewing an inactive liquor license.

  • Authorizing purchases with Cablevision/ Lightpath as a proprietary vendor in accordance with NJSA 40A:11-2(39)

Resolution defining the services provided by Cablevision as proprietary for the maintenance and service of their hardware in compliance with the NJ Local Public Contracts Law.

  • Approving a vendor service contract on a ‘non-fair and open’ basis pursuant to the ‘Pay-to-Play’ law (Cintas Corp.)

Resolution authorizing the purchase of uniforms, medical & cleaning supplies and inspections of our fire suppression system in compliance with the NJ Local Public Contracts Law.

  • Approving a vendor service contract on a ‘non-fair and open’ basis pursuant to the ‘Pay-to-Play’ law (Imperial Copy Products, Inc.)

Resolution authorizing maintenance and service for our copiers in compliance with the NJ Local Public Contracts Law.

  • Approving a vendor service contract on a ‘non-fair and open’ basis pursuant to the ‘Pay-to-Play’ law (Todd Harris Co. Inc.)

Resolution authorizing services to weatherize the splash pad in compliance with the NJ Local Public Contracts Law.

  • Authorizing the cancellation of a general capital ordinance balance

Accounting mechanism canceling a balance of $10,088 for the Seward House Improvements that cannot be utilized.

  • Authorizing change order No. 1 (final) in connection with the coating of the 1.0 MG Tinc Farm Water Storage Tank

Resolution authorizing a decrease to a contract in the amount of $140,200 as the project is now complete and certain services were not utilized as originally specified.  Specifically due to cellular equipment not being able to be removed from the water tanks.

  • Authorizing shared service for fire inspections with the Township of Allamuchy for the years 2018-2019

Resolution amending a shared service agreement to offer fire inspections to Allamuchy.  Original agreement offered to share revenue which was rejected by the DCA.  All costs will know stay with Mt. Olive. 

  • Authorizing a payment in the amount of $460,000.00 in full and final settlement of the litigation Township of Mount Olive V. Cobblestone Health Care Facility

Resolution authorizing final payment for the Cobblestone Heath Care Facility as agreed upon in the settlement.  Funds will be expended from the COAH trust fund. 

  • Authorizing the application for the 2017 Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Year End Crackdown

Resolution authorizing a grant for the Drive Sober program offered by the NJ division of Highway Safety not to exceed $5,500. 

  • Awarding a professional services agreement under the non-fair and open contracts in accordance with the Pay-To-Play Law (Koczan & Associates LLC)

Resolution amending the agreement with Koczan & Associates by $11,400 as the scope of service has changed due to the method of procurement. 

Ordinance for First Reading: (1)

  • To amend and supplement Chapter 550 “Land Use” to establish definitions and standards for a planned unit residential development for the FTZ-4 zone district

Amending the zoning code to include residential zoning in the FTZ-4 zone to allow for a mix of commercial, retail and residential use.  See attached memo

Ordinance for Second Reading: (1)

  • Amending certain provisions of Chapter 15, Committees, Commissions and Boards, Article XIII, Ethics Standards Board, of the Township Code to comply with changes to financial disclosure form filing requirement  

Amending the code book to comply with changes to the financial disclosure form filing requirements



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