Council Workshop Meeting

Mt. Olive Township Council                                                           
Conference Meeting
October 3, 2017                                                              




  • The Land Conservancy of New Jersey

Barbara Davis will be present to provide information to the governing body on the Conservancy and their Mount Olive properties and other initiatives.

Executive Session:

  • Personnel Matter – see attached memo outlining Personnel Issues

Resolutions: (7)

1. Cancelling taxes on Block 1001, Lot 21 for disabled veteran declared 100% totally & permanently disabled by the Tax Assessor

Standard resolution accepting the Assessor’s recommendation awarding disability status.

2. Authorizing the institution of an in-rem tax foreclosure

Accepting the Tax Collector’s recommendation to initiate foreclosure action for 7 properties due to delinquencies on current and prior year taxes.  The Tax Collector advises that she and the Tax Assessor had reviewed the list and found that none of the cited locations had deficiencies which would pose future problems for the Township once owned by the Township.

3. Authorizing the award of contract to PCS Pump and Process, Inc. for bid #15-2017 Grinder and Booster Pump Sales and Service 2017-2019

A standard bid award resolution for pumps for the sewer utility.

4. Approving a vendor service contract on a non-fair and open basis pursuant to the Pay to Play law (Cintas Corp No. 2)

A standard resolution required by the “pay to play” regulations approving a contract above $17,500 for uniform services.  The total amount to be expended is less than the bid limit requirements.  This is a supplement uniform supplier for some items not available in a timely manner from the uniform supplier previously approved by the governing body.

5. Authorizing the award of contract to D&S Land Development, LLC for Bid #14-2017 Budd Lake Fire Department Parking Lot Resurfacing

A resolution awarding a contract for the total reconstruction of the parking lot for the Budd Lake Fire Department.  Although only one bid was received, the bid is less than the estimates provided and is reasonable given the amount of base repair required in some areas of the parking lot.

6. Authorizing the use of a purchasing contract for 2017 (Residuals Management Services, LLC)

A standard resolution awarding a contract for sludge disposal through the Morris County Cooperative Bid process.  A revised resolution will be provided on Tuesday since the one in the agenda is missing the total value and the account to be charged.

7. Authorizing a reduction in Cash Bonds and Performance Bonds held in conjunction with Block 6000 lots 5 & 6, also known as Regency Park Phase II - REVISED

This is a standard resolution reducing Planning Performance Bonds as the required work is completed and accepted by the Township Engineer.  This is being revised to correct the previous dollar amount.


Ordinance for Second Reading/Adoption: (1)

1. An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance #4-2012 Vacating a Portion of South Rose Lane

This ordinance was continued from the last meeting.  It is being amended to add a block and lot that was omitted in 2012.
See the attached memo for further information on this disposal process as well as the issues raised at the last Council meeting.

Ordinances for First Reading: (2)

1. Amending Ordinance #27-16 which established salaries for the Mayor, Council, Department Heads, Supervisory Personnel and Employees of the Township Clerk’s Office

This ordinance reflects the salaries being provided to the new Construction Code Official and the Building Sub Code Official as discussed / approved by the governing body at the last meeting.  Council may want to delay this introduction until after the Executive Session since there may need to be an amendment to the ordinance to reflect actions to be discussed in the Executive Session.

2. Permitting outdoor dining as an accessory use and establishing standards governing same.

This ordinance amends the Land Use Ordinance to allow outdoor dining in certain commercial zones as an approved accessory use subject to established regulations in the ordinance.  It should be introduced and scheduled for public hearing after the Planning Board meeting of October 12, 2017 in which the Planning Board will have an opportunity to provide comments to the governing body.   See the attached memo for further information on the ordinance. 




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