Council Workshop Meeting

Mt. Olive Township Council                                                           
Conference Meeting
July 25, 2017                                                                   





  • Service awards to Fred and Catherine Detoro
  • Combe Fill – Mr. Koczan


  • Letter from the State regarding gypsy moths – attached is a letter the Township recently received concerning possible gypsy moth infestation in the Township.  Unfortunately the locations are not listed; however the State at no local cost will inspect the allegedly infected areas and if the infection is significant, and if the Township agreed, will include the area in an aerial spraying program. Although there is no cost in the investigation, the aerial spraying does require a local match to state and federal funding (usually a 30% requirement).  This is a time sensitive issue so I put it on the agenda to see if there is any council interest.
  • Sewers in the “Old Flanders” section of the Township.  Attached is a report on the financial issues surrounding the construction of sewers in the “Old Flanders” section of the Township.  I bring this up for discussion since in reviewing prior documentation on this subject, it is my opinion that the financial issues (who is to pay and how much) were not properly addressed.  My plan is to go over this report and the various issues raised in some detail to answer any concerns that the governing body may have.


  • Approving a vendor service contract pursuant to Pay to Play law (L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc.) – standard public contract ordinance providing equipment and services for police car video systems
  • Resolution Authorizing Release of the Cash Bond for Site Improvements in Connection with Development of the Property Designated as Block 365.01 Lots 6,8, and 9, and Block 365.03, Lots 14 and 15 (IHI Developers)
  • Resolution Authorizing the Settlement of IMO the Application of the Township of Mount Olive

Ordinance for Second Reading:

  • An Ordinance to amend and supplement Chapter 550 “Land Use” to revise article VII, “Zoning District use and Bulk Regulations,” and to permit billboards in certain zone districts as a conditional use and to provide specific standards for both static and digital billboards to identify those zone districts wherein either static or digital billboards shall be permitted as a conditional use.  In addition this ordinance amends article II “Definitions” of Chapter 550 to strike the existing definition of “billboard” and to provide new definitions for both static and digital billboards and does also amend article VI “Zoning.” 

The Planning Board discussed discussing this ordinance at a meeting on July 20 and should have a report to be presented to Council at the Council meeting.  Chuck McGroarty cannot be present to answer Council questions but can be at the next Council meeting on August 8 if needed.   If there are questions, Council should hold the public hearing and then continue the final action until any questions they may have can be answered at the meeting on the 8th.

Ordinance for First Reading:
Bids were opened on Thursday for the upgrading of the police radio system.  Council will recall a resolution at a recent meeting cancelling the prior contract on this project.   Unfortunately the bids came in higher than anticipated and additional funding is required.  The Chief Financial Officer has contacted the bond counsel to amend a prior ordinance which has unexpended funds to include this project in the list of approved projects to be funded within that ordinance.  The ordinance is being prepared and will be either listed on the final agenda on Friday afternoon or distributed to Council early next week. (Have not received)

Administration Report:

  • I am bringing the following item to the attention of the Mayor and Council since I was requested to do so by a senior taxpayer.  This individual, who claims to have lived in the Township for more than 30 years, received a standard letter advising her that her on line payment was returned to the Township as “Return No Acct”.  As noted in the Tax Collector’s letter, this normally meant that the bank account information was incorrect. The senior protested strongly and was confused over the use of credit cards versus bank payments, etc.  However her May payment was processed on line through her bank.  The Cit-e-net payment detail shows that the last digit of her May payment and attempted July payments were different.  The standard letter imposed a $30 “return item fee” as established by ordinance that must be paid separately.  She has paid her taxes and is threatening not to pay the $30 processing fee (and takes strong exception to the threat in the letter that if the processing fee is not paid, the matter is turned over to the Police department as a criminal matter [NJS 2C:21-5] ).  She is requesting a waiver of this processing fee due to her long term positive payment history.  I advised her that this was beyond the scope of administrative authority and can only be done by the governing body.  Hence this report on the agenda should a member of Council wish to consider a waiver.
  • There was a recent notice that the Federal Regulatory Commission was considering a preliminary permit by Merchant Hydro Developers to construct the “Allamuchy Pumped Hydroelectric Project” in the Budd lake area.  See the attached notice.  The area is not in the Budd Lake watershed as implied in the notice and would have no impact on the Budd Lake area.  It is in the Musconetcong water shed, in essence the next valley west. I also have an aerial photo of the area but the detail will not copy clearly.   If any mechanical or other failure occurred, it would impact on Hackettstown.  I am providing this notice in case the governing body wants to file a notice of any concern.
  • Absence from the Township.  I will be in California visiting family the first week in August.  I will be reviewing emails, etc., on a daily basis so if anyone needs to contact me I am available by email or phone.

  Executive Session:

  • Personnel Matters





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