The Patrol Division, under the supervision of Lt. Phil Lucivero, consists of 26 Patrol Officers and 5 Sergeants. Patrol Officers and their Sergeants have a variety of responsibilities including:

      • Performing law enforcement services involving the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and related preventive and investigative work.
      • Patrolling designated areas in a police vehicle and on foot to preserve law and peace, to prevent and discover the commission of crime and to enforce traffic and parking regulations.
      • Providing assistance to the general public, such as for lock-outs of homes and motor vehicles, delivering emergency messages and assisting the sick and infirmed.
      • Answering calls and complaints involving drunkeness, domestic disputes, fires, theft, accidents and other misdemeanors and felonies.
      • Conducting preliminary investigations, gathering evidence, making arrests and testifying in court.
      • Conducting traffic collision investigations and providing first aid for the injured


The Patrol Division would like to remind you that during snow events, Local Ordinances state:

  • Local Ordinance 375-24 states: No person shall park a vehicle(s) on any street within Mount Olive Township when the streets are covered with snow and/or ice.  The parking prohibitinos shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.  Any unoccupied vehicle parking or standing in violation shall be deemed a nuisance and a menace to safe and proper regulation of traffic, and any police officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle.  The owner shall pay the reasonable costs of the removal and storage which may result from such removal before gaining posession of the vehicle.

  • Local Ordinance 347-11 states: states that the owner or owners, occupant or occupants or tenant or tenants of premises abutting or bordering upon any street in the Township of Mount Olive shall remove all snow and ice from the abutting sidewalks of such streets or, in the case of ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impracticable, shall cause the same to be thoroughly covered with sand or ashes or salt or other similar substance to reasonably prevent pedestrians from slipping on such snow or ice, within 12 hours of daylight after the same falls or is formed thereon.


The complete list of Township Ordinances can be found here.

Patrol Division


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 Lieutenant Phil Lucivero
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